Jude Craig shares ideas for thoughtful Christmas Gifts

A Time For Caring and Sharing...

I was in Inverness City yesterday taking a house guest to meet a train and I inevitably went armed with a seemingly infinite list of things to do while there. I witnessed a wonderland of weary looking shoppers struggling with boxes and bags and a chilly wind blowing through them as they battled from shop to shop and between departments.

I was stuck by the frenetic energy that creeps up on us at this time of year. The need to get cards written and posted, parcels wrapped and ready, food shopping that often exceeds our needs. Anyways, I noticed that I was starting to feel frustrated at waiting to pay for a collection of gifts in my basket and I had a very strong Ah Ha moment. Why was I choosing to use valuable time trawling shops, queuing, parking etc to buy items that are beautiful yet not particularly life enhancing or needed. I could choose to give the gift of my time and caring. It is more precious, more valuable, more needed and is certainly more easy to access. I chose to return the items to the shelf and I left the shop and enjoyed a bracing 15 minute walk along the beautiful banks of the River Ness with the twinkly lights on the trees inspiring me to think of creative gifts I could give.

  • An afternoon tea and cake party for friends in February to celebrate the arrival of the Snowdrops.
  • The promise of a batch of home baked goodies once a month.
  • The gift of an hour of your time each season to share and care doing something that you both enjoy.
  • A pot filled with compost and some bulbs that will bring colour and joy in the spring.
  • Pledge to write an e mail or letter each month to appreciate the person and share what is happening in your life and time.
  • Have a soup and sandwich lunch treat for people you would like to see more of.

These are only a few priceless ideas that your loved ones would be nourished by and in the end it is all about giving energy, love and caring. Do share your own ideas with others and lets encourage de- materialisation in our life and time and more nurturing around the festive season that stretches into the year ahead.

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About Jude...

Jude Craig is a professionally qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Bodywork therapist with 26 years of practical and lecturing experience in the field of health and well being and complementary therapies.

She is passionate about supporting peoples well being journeys and works with the philosophy that when our mind is comfortable and in harmony the body will follow more easily.

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