Jude Craig talks about losing inches before Christmas

At this time of year we know there are lots of events that encourage us to pile on a few extra pounds and I would like to propose that you get yourself in the mind set to lose a few instead. You may not have time to book in for some highly effective Hypnotherapy but try these SIX STEPS for a TRIMMER TUM.

So if you feel fed up by not managing to squeeze into some of your favourite clothes..... STOP! PAUSE! BE STILL! BREATH OUT! and BREATH IN knowing that this moment will pass and on the scale of life and the universe this is not earth shattering. It is an inconvenience today that may not be there very soon if you keep following this guide.

Drink lots of water throughout your waking hours. Work out how much water you need by dividing your weight in kilos by 8. Then half this number and that suggests how many pints of water you need per day to nourish all your systems and functions. P.S. Beer, wine or cocktails and caffeine drinks don't count, but herbal or fruit teas do. This means that your body retains less fluid as it know is getting a regular supply. And your skin will become more radiant too!

Eat spectacularly slowly always! Chew every mouthful at least 15 times and more if it's a meat meal you are having. This starts the digestive process well, allows your mind to acknowledge that there is food coming in and it helps us to register when we are full. You may also get tired chewing so you naturally eat less and loose many inches.

Dramatically reduce your intake of bread, gluten and wheat products. These do tend to be gluey and gooey in your system and can make you feel sluggish. Reducing or cutting them out often resolves bloating so you lose inches off your tum and bum.

Start your day with a cup of warm water and sunny lemon juice. Feel the radiance of all the sunshine that went into making that beautiful yellow fruit and it balances the acid and alkaline levels in the digestive tract and starts you off well.

Think thin!!! Stand tall, hold your core body muscles strongly and smile lots. You will attract positive energy towards you and this often means that you need less food as you are nourished by your company and a more positive vision of yourself.

Oh and lastly, resist the temptation to weigh yourself. Our weight can fluctuate dramatically over the space of a 24 hour period. Rather choose to notice the changes when your buttons close more easily or your jeans zip up in a flash.

NOW is the moment to start so let the pound roll off and the tummy trimming begin.

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About Jude...

Jude Craig is a professionally qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Bodywork therapist with 26 years of practical and lecturing experience in the field of health and well being and complementary therapies.

She is passionate about supporting peoples well being journeys and works with the philosophy that when our mind is comfortable and in harmony the body will follow more easily.

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