Learning From The Weather

The snow of last week after the sunshine of last has been a bit of a shock to us. It has startled the flowers and trees too and just this morning I noticed that some stunning tulips that were way ahead of their time and about to burst into bloom are looking a thing frosted and sad. I guess the truth is that I could have chosen to be more mindful and give them a bit of protection when the weather changed and my complacency has distressed them and thus starved me of their vibrant showy colour that would have arrived if I had paid more attention to their needs.

It started me thinking of how we can sometimes be a bit neglectful of our own basic needs when the winds of change blow for us in our life and time. We are inclined to soldier on, do more, work harder, think more, battle with challenges, struggle with issues, revisit old wounds, get stuck in old patterns and our nurturing needs go to the bottom of the list. We are then on the road to feeling jaded, tired or exhausted and this is truly avoidable if we choose to take care of ourselves midst the mania. Take morsels of time to pause and be still, have moments with nature and drink of its beauty and wisdom, exercise a little and roll happily with the endorphin release that will visits, take a relaxing bath and use some supportive bergamot essential oils to lift our spirits. The list is endless of small things we can do to nurture ourselves when the going gets tough and we are startled by unexpected change in our personal climate.

It's good to choose to let ourselves flower and bloom and these acts of mindfulness along the way can make all the difference in promoting resilience to cope and a colourful brighter result while things settle again. I remember a saying that goes something like "life is a canvas and we can choose which colours to paint on it" so with that in mind I will learn, move on and choose well when the winds of change blow through and the surprise snows come.

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About Jude...

Jude Craig is a professionally qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Bodywork therapist with 26 years of practical and lecturing experience in the field of health and well being and complementary therapies.

She is passionate about supporting peoples well being journeys and works with the philosophy that when our mind is comfortable and in harmony the body will follow more easily.

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