Get Fit Fast...

Most of us have a choice to be fit or unfit or somewhere in between.

I am inspired to write about fitness having witnessed my Dad becoming an octogenarian last weekend. He still starts most days with at least 20 minutes of strengthening/toning/flexibility exercises and will always fit in either a 6 mile cycle trip or a swim or game of golf pretty much daily. Wow! This is truly inspirational. His philosophy mirrors mine, which is that if we are blessed with the ability to be active, able and fit then it is a good choice to exercise those abilities. We all know that regular exercise assists weight control, mood management, fights heart disease, increases circulation, improves skin condition, brain activity and the list goes on and on. Some of us are good at talking about fitness and how fantastically athletic we used to be. It is great to have those memories as you can recall well how good it feels and that can be a helpful resource as you embark on a fitness programme. suggestion for this week is to think and talk less about getting fit and get up and do something. Anything!. You do not have to be retired and have an abundance of time available to walk rather than take the car on short trips. Increase walking speed to increase heart rate. Put some music on and dance around or hoover for 5 or 15 minutes. Work your legs and do 10 squats before each meal. Go to a fitness class that offers instruction. Take the stairs rather than lift or escalator. It is your choice how you breathe activity into your life and time. Any increase in expenditure of energy is to be celebrated as a step towards being more fit, able and active. If you can keep this going for 28 days it will become a habit and then you are well on the way to much greater health and vitality. You don't always need to find a reason to exercise. At 80 years old my Dad does it simply because he can.

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About Jude...

Jude Craig is a professionally qualified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Bodywork therapist with 26 years of practical and lecturing experience in the field of health and well being and complementary therapies.

She is passionate about supporting peoples well being journeys and works with the philosophy that when our mind is comfortable and in harmony the body will follow more easily.

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