Meaningful Meditations

Meaningful Meditation experiences are deeply relaxing, informal and nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

Evening Classes

Just in case you feel in need of some “me” time, CALMNESS AND CLARITY are on their way.

Throughout the seasons I offer meaningful evening opportunities to experience and learn about all types of meditation. Each class, which lasts for just over an hour, is a unique opportunity to focus on your personal wellbeing and explore how meditation can support you by bringing more calm and harmony into your life and time.

The programme is flexible and you can expect to experience

  • Mindfulness to encourage an empowered positive approach
  • Calming anxiety and whittling away worries
  • Progressive Muscular relaxation so soothe aches and pains
  • Best Breathing for improved energy levels
  • Visualisation to balance your body, mind and soul
  • Loving forgiveness for emotional cleansing

We will share, sitting, standing, walking and lying down meditations to make your practise more versatile. A variety of the above techniques may be practiced at each session and other intuited contents may be added.

The next block will be EVERY THURSDAY EVENING in FEBRUARY 2017 at

Book in advance to be sure of a space to relax as we are in the LESSER HALL.
Book and pay for 4 classes for £32 or pay as you go £10 per class.

For more details or to book, contact JUDE CRAIG on 07775528835

Half Day Workshops

An extended opportunity to take time out to simply "be". This focussed time is wonderfully supportive to the whole self and gives time for deep relaxation, contemplation and rejuvenation.

Payment details - £30 per half day.

Day Workshops

Total indulgence in deepest relaxation with lots of time to explore meditations techniques. A meaningful opportunity for nurturing and rejuvenation of the body mind and soul.

Payment details - £55 per full day.

What to Wear

Please always wear comfy warm clothes and thick socks or soft indoor shoes to keep feet cosy.
Bring a warm jacket in case we venture out into nature on a fine day/evening.

Things to bring for your comfort

  • 2 cushions or pillows (one for your head and one for under knees when lying down)
  • 1 cosy blanket or big towel to cover you.
  • Yoga mat if you have one. (No need to buy one as I have spares)
  • Bottle of water to sip.

Most importantly... Bring yourself ready for relaxation and rejuvenation.

CD's for Sale

I have Meaningful Meditation CD's for sale at £10 (with £2 going to WaterAid).
I can also offer you pre-recorded or personal MP3 downloads to assist home practise.

For more information about opportunities for Meaningful Meditations contact me.