30 Mar

Celebrate Spring

With Spring here, it is now time to become visible, power through, thrive and come to fruition with a bit of nurturing from the elements along the way.

30 Nov

Perfect Time For Making Life Smaller

Clean out a few drawers or cupboards to make some space for the coming New Year it is all perfectly timed and today is that day to begin.

01 Nov

Save Your Hands

There are increasing reports of bodywork therapy practitioner suffering from aching joints and strain injuries from repetitive, over work of the hands.

18 Apr

Learning From The Weather

Do you look after your own basic needs, when the wind changes?

19 Mar

Letting Go Of Lists

Do you ever start the day with a 'things to do' list that is so thorough that it could possibly keep you occupied......

04 Mar

The Miracle of Sprint

The cusp of the seasons is always a time worth pausing and taking notice I feel.

28 Feb

The Truth Brings Harmony.

When we only speak the truth there is a very real opportunity for harmony in our life and time.

01 Feb

Get Fit Fast...

Most of us have a choice to be fit, or unfit, or somewhere in between.

24 Jan

Think Gently & Speak Kindly

I found myself being a bit critical of my lack of productivity this morning and thankfully took a few moments to ponder and straighten things out.

23 Jan

2012 The Year of Transformation

This is a significant year as the Mayan 'Long Count' calendar ends at the Winter solstice in December 2012 after running for 5125 years.

16 Jan

Have you seen the Snowdrops?

How often do we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to take time to notice the miracles of nature around us? Have you seen the brave, delicate yet feisty snowdrops popping their head up and copying with anything from rain, hail, snow, frost ...

21 Dec

Making Wishes Come Alive...

It is my belief that if we feed energy to a negative issue or problem we do in fact inflate it and encourage it to grow and become an even bigger challenge. I am convinced that the most positive results come when we can be supported to become absorbed in the "wish" that we have.

16 Dec

A Time For Caring and Sharing...

I was in Inverness City yesterday taking a house guest to meet a train and I inevitably went armed with a seemingly infinite list of things to do while there. I witnessed a wonderland of weary looking shoppers...

06 Dec

Lose Inches Before Christmas

At this time of year we know there are lots of events that encourage us to pile on a few extra pounds and I would like to propose that you get yourself in the mind set to lose a few instead.

22 Nov


Welcome to my new web site that encapsulates all the work I am doing at The Beeches and in Inverness City...