30 Nov

Did you know that when the moon is getting smaller, after its magnificent fullness on Wednesday it is the ideal time for you to shed anything that does not serve you well. Whether it’s a few pounds to fit into that little black number for Christmas or simply to clean out a few drawers or cupboards to make some space for the coming New Year it is all perfectly timed and today is that day to begin.

Make a start by clearing an area that has been congested for too long and avoid moving the clutter elsewhere. Sell un-needed items on e bay, charity shop them or make a surprise gift to someone who you feel would use it well. All of these options will make you feel good and make some space in your life. Cosy up to suit the weather, take a brisk walk at lunch time to clear your head, make your heart tick faster thus burning off some extra calories and help you feel more agile as the days go by. Your afternoon productivity and energy levels will soar too so you will feel more fulfilled. Never underestimate how effective small acts are in influencing the bigger picture. So as the moon wanes, your clearing up and cleaning out allows you to make life more simple, smaller, manageable and you can feel stronger, more positive and move into the festive season with zest and vitality.

If you would like to book a Coaching session to help you prepare for the New Year, please make contact with Jude Craig. The website is http://vitalitywellbeing.com We run workshops & courses throughout the year, so please do keep checking the website to see future courses.