19 Mar

Letting Go Of Lists...

Do you ever start the day with a ‘things to do’ list that is so thorough that it could probably keep you occupied for the week? Mmmmm..... we have all done it!

Try to fit too much into the day and not allowing for many of the regular things that are part of life like eating, taking the occasional unexpected phone call or bumping into a friend who is worthy of some moments of our time. None of this can be legislated for in prescriptive lists and let's face it; the infinite lists often set us up to fail, as soon as they are committed to paper or I Pad or wherever they are recorded. How about using ‘post it’ notes instead. You can write each task on a new note and stick them in the back of your diary and pull really important ones into current pages as urgent reminders. You can then do your day, going with the flow and should you have some spare moments that could facilitate a task, then have a scan through the post it notes and choose something that is doable in the time available.

It’s amazing how much better you can feel at the end of the day as you have done all that was needed of you, have addressed the urgent, essential items and allowed flexibility for the unexpected which can sometimes bring wonderful opportunities. I invite you to review you day planning and be a bit more creative and gentle on yourself giving breathing time, moments of calm, and even allow for spontaneity.

Explore how it feels and notice with interest the surprises a different approach can bring. Enjoy!

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