04 Mar



The cusp of the seasons is always a time worth pausing and taking notice I feel.  To aid our transition I believe it is essential to get out in nature and notice the snowdrops, crocuses and budding daffodils.  It is true that we will not “cast a cloot till May is oot”  and a cold snap may still come heralding frost and snow but for now it is calm, relatively mild and an amazing time of year. 

The growth and expansiveness of this season is something that I do feel needs to be witnessed and celebrated as sleepy winter gives way to the wakening up of Spring.  I hope you might take some time to be out there enjoying all that you can see and feel and smell and touch and even taste.  Indulge yourself ~  absorb all your senses and take time to pause and breath in the beauty and majesty.  Enjoy!!