28 Feb


When we only speak the truth there is a very real opportunity for harmony in our life and time.  This statement may seem a bit bold and you may be thinking....... well I am an honest and truthful person so I always speak the truth......  On further examination of your thoughts and communications you may find flaws in your truthfulness which can be unhelpful in forging happy positive relationships with others and with yourself. 

Sometimes we over generalise saying things like “you always do that” or  “he never helps me when I need it” and when you truly examine the truth of such statements you realise that there have been times when this is simply untrue.  Such an acquisition is always unhelpful to a situation and will be very likely to attract a negative response.   Bringing such suggestions into perspective and only dealing with the situation or event in hand allows you to eliminate that potentially harmful sweeping statement that is in fact untrue.  Think of using phrases like “I have noticed that you often do that” or “I am uncomfortable with that response”  and see what comes back.   There is that old saying which goes something like “If we always do what we have always done we will aIways get what we have always had.”

I invite you to be mindful of this and journey through the next few days noticing what you say and examining the “real” truth of your words tempering your language to acknowledge the real truth of the situation in the moment allowing potential for change that may yield more happiness and harmony all round.