Think Gently & Speak Kindly

24 Jan

I found myself being a bit critical of my lack of productivity this morning and thankfully took a few moments to ponder and straighten things out.  I realised that thinking harshly of myself was every bit as unpleasant as it is if we apply such thought and language to others who may be doing things differently than we might.  

Practicing the art of being non judgemental can be challenging but it is I believe always a positive, healthy way of being.  This non judgemental approach needs to be extended into our own choices and actions and if we have missed the mark with something lets accept that there is usually another priority that has emerged and won our attention.  We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and wisdom we have so if we decide to take some time out, give the gift of our time to another or even sleep a bit longer, none of these actions are a crime.  So, when we can own the choice and think kindly of ourselves,  that can bring a comfortable acceptance of what ‘is’. 

I invite you to use kind words when you speak about yourself and others and keep that gentle, responsive, spirit alive.  Random acts of kindness can generate a positive response and after all we cannot change time that has passed so lets look to the choices of the next moment and always think gently.

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