2012 The Year of Transformation

23 Jan

This is a significant year as the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar ends at the Winter solstice in December 2012 after running for 5125 years.  Far from it being the end of an era it is I believe an opportunity for us to draw in all our knowledge learned in our life and time and turn it into wisdom which of course will herald positive action. 

So this year is a transformational one full of opportunities throughout the seasons to explore new horizons, shifts and changes that will serve us well.  Openness to these opportunities for change based on our past learning can prepare us to tread on significant pathways that will emerge for us as we enter the new phase in the winter.   

As we are all heightening our awareness of all that ‘is’ this manifests a greater global consciousness which encourages a more inclusive world and greater kindness to humanity.    How wonderful it is to feel part of that greater picture by simply being mindful of sculpting a life that is positive, happy, health giving and fulfilling. 

So embrace 2012 as your year of transformation and take time to acknowledge your hopes, dreams, aspirations and projected plans.  It is then time to take the reigns and make movements each day towards living the dream.  You can then look at your projections in December 2012 and see where your journey has taken you.   The wonderful thing being that even if you find yourself in a different place than you envisaged you will have embraced and made the journey, and that is in its self truly  transformational.

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