Take time to notice the miracle of nature around us...

16 Jan


How often do we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to take time to notice the miracles of nature around us?  Have you seen the brave, delicate yet feisty snowdrops popping their head up and coping with anything from rain, hail, snow, frost and the occasional glimpse of sunshine along the way.  Today in the clear highland skies I noticed that one had surrendered to the sun and opened its stunning petals to create that perfectly balanced little lantern bloom.  Stunning,  and the most miraculous bit is that whatever the weather throws at it, it simply hangs in there giving us that promise of spring, new growth and different ways of being. 

I thought today how healthy it could be if we lived ‘the snowdrop way’ more of the time.  Accepting what ‘is’.  Acknowledging  the nice days and embracing the more challenging ones and simply witnessing it all as life experience and adapt our responses accordingly knowing that growth will come and we will shine when the time is right.   Learning to have that  tenacity to hang in there whatever winds of change might blow and trust that all is exactly as  it is meant to be for our growth and transformation.

I invite you to  take time to notice the snowdrops and celebrate their magnificence and tenacious spirit that results in them standing tall and proud, multiplying and getting stronger every year regardless of what life throws at them.

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