Jude Craig talks about making wishes come alive...

21 Dec

It is my belief that if we feed energy to a negative issue or problem we do in fact inflate it and encourage it to grow and become an even bigger challenge.  I am convinced that the most positive results come when we can be supported to become absorbed in the "wish" that we have. 

It can be really exciting and enlightening to explore all the ways that can bring the 'wish’ alive.   This always results in the emergence of some small or big tasks to do that will  nourish the 'wish' and bring it nearer to reality.   Sometimes the 'wish' changes along the way but the important thing is that there is momentum and the journey is in progress. That has to leave the problem behind as is no longer current and has been replaced with possible solutions.  

Sure, a different problem might seemingly pop up and hurdles can present themselves along the way but with the positive resources in place to move on from the challenge there is a meaningful and productive way forward.   

So... the moral of the story is starve the problem, ‘feed the wish’ and stand tall as you step into that new sparkly and vibrant way of being.   

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Jude x