Vitality Wellbeing

Welcome to my web site that encapsulates all the work that I do up here in the beautiful Highlands and around Scotland. I offer one to one therapy opportunities and facilitate group sessions, inspirational workshops and meaningful meditations. So if you are looking for "relaxation and rejuvenation" or want to "find the courage to do what makes your heart sing" get in touch and I will be delighted to discuss ways that you can improve your vitality and wellbeing today and everyday.


Hypnotherapy can be used effectively to change unhelpful, habits and ways of being that are hindering you in your life and time. It can bring positivity, vitality and wellbeing into your days.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching sessions with Jude Craig are an opportunity to instigate significant change that can facilitate vitality and wellbeing in your life and time.

Latest Workshops

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30 Mar

Celebrate Spring

With Spring here, it is now time to become visible, power through, thrive and come to fruition with a bit of nurturing from the elements along the way.